Flooding: The Aftermath

Flooding at a home in Clayton Township.

Mother nature made its mark in Swartz Creek and what it left behind was rainfall and lots of it. People said that it's not just ponds of water, there are lakes scattered around. One Woman told NBC25 that she has never seen rain levels this high in more than 50 years.

Tracy Wharton said, "I have never seen water like that. I have never in my life."

Her neighbor, Jeremy Cox added, "this is the worst it's ever been since I've lived here."

Homeowners in Clayton Township, found out the true meaning of spring showers on Friday.

Wharton said, cars were stuck and she had a difficult time getting to work. That is because, inches of rain turned into feet of floodwaters, leaving a lawn mower sinking in what used to be dry land and a pile of wood drifting with the current.

One family said now they have to play the waiting game. Flooding didn't spare any yards between Corunna and Van Vleet Roads and most of the flooding is waterfalling down a few holes. Therefore, they wait for the nearly foot and a half of water in the Cox's yard to recede.

"Water is coming from different areas and it's coming into our yard and it had no place to go, so it just pilled right up," responded Cox.

However, there's an issue. The drains aren't working properly. Jeremy Cox's father had to call the public works department to fix the sewage problem, but all he got was a voice mail.

Cox said, "it's kind of irritating to think that we still have all this water."

He said he knows they have a lot of neighborhoods to clean-up and he is right.. Officials declared a state of emergency in Genesee County on Friday.

Around 2:00 p.m. Saturday, Cox's message was answered. A worker came out to take a look.

As the inches continue to recede, people said they are worried because there may be rain in the forecast next week.