Flooding threat continues as neighbors try to stay dry

You won't hear anyone yelling "fore" at the Swartz Creek Golf Club.

â??When they said we got another rain--another inch and a half coming, I knew the course was in trouble,â?? says Brian Mickens, a ranger at the Swartz Creek Golf Club.

Mother Nature is causing a rift in his relationship with his first love.

â??This is like a divorce right here,â?? says Mickens.

Heâ??s estimating an 80-percent loss of business.

You can sail a ship out there now,â?? says Mickens.

Whatâ??s bad for business in Flint is a boost for Loweâ??s in Flint Township.

There are complaints in aisle 31 where customers are grabbing sump pumps.

â??Itâ??s crazy. Everyone seems to have some sort of wet basement or some type of water issue,â?? says Bill Ayotte, Mid-Michigan's self proclaimed basement doctor.

â??Sump pumps in some situations can't even keep up,â?? says Ayotte.

Heâ??s hoping neighbors heed the warnings.

â??Keep the gutters clear, make sure the drainiage system, if they do have one, is cleaned out,â?? says Ayotte.

â??We just have to be patient and wait,â?? says Mickens.

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