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      Flushing vandals make neighbors nervous

      Vandals have made living in Flushing more tense.

      Neighbors are starting looking out for themselves and each other.

      A recent rash of young people and adults shooting out windows with BB guns brought attention to the problem.

      However, neighbors say, the threat continues to linger around them.

      Saturday morning at Riverview Park in Flushing, there's not a vehicle in sight, no young people either.

      That's quite a different scene than what neighbors say happens at night.

      They say teens assemble in the area three to five times a night, making neighbors nervous.

      "It was perfect, I think, when we first came," that's Flora Tift's description of Flushing when she first moved in more than 40-years ago.

      Now, she says vandals have kicked in her garage windows. She's replaced them with glass blocks. She lives next to the park.

      "We've tried to keep kids from congregating around here in groups. My son even had to go over and protect one boy who was being beat up by a group of boys," says Tift.

      Across the street, a home is getting a renovation. New homeowner Katie Streeter says, "We've been here every single day and there's always kids, big groups of kids going back there, just out and back in. So that was a concern, breaking in if we're not here."

      Police know about the problem. They arrested two adults and three juveniles in January for allegedly shooting out more than 20 windows with a BB gun.

      Homeowners near the park say seeing the police patrols is comforting.

      "They're keeping an eye on everything," says Streeter.

      Police want the public to call them when they see an incident or anything suspicious to try to stop the vandalism.

      Neighbors and police tell NBC25 the problem is young people with little to do and little parental supervision.