FORECAST: Brief dusting and then some warmth!

Only a chance of a dusting of snow exists for our southern counties.

The storm far to our south has tried to push north a bit, but dry air continues to hold it back.

The other chance is for our northern counties, unrelated to the system to our south.

However, this is so minimal that it only requires mentioning instead of being a main factor in the forecast.

As the work week begins, Monday should be a cloudy and mostly precip free day, but watch for a stray flake or two.

Afterwards, Tuesday holds a small chance for snow but again it is minimal and hard to pinpoint the exact area affected due to the cause of it being so small, and very far away still.

This chance for precip spills over through Wednesday as well but now here is the difference, rain instead of snow.

Warm temps will begin to dominate!

Sun should mix in for the end of the week, with afternoon clouds being a good bet due to diurnal, or afternoon, heating.

I kept the main chance of weekend rain on Sunday, but Saturday night you should expect a few drops as well.

-Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey