FORECAST: Icy Then Warm

      Warm air then more cold for the end of the week.

      After one heck of a night tonight, precip will calm down to just rain as a warm front pushes through from the south.

      As it stalls over us we can expect to see what could very well be a record high on Tuesday.

      The past record was 52 degrees back in 2006 and with this forecast we could break it by a few degrees.

      As a cold front moves through on Tuesday night, the chance exists for a thunderstorm or two but not anything overly strong.

      Brief heavy downpours are the main concern and dropping temps for the next couple days will be a definite reminder of last week.

      Get your umbrella handy!

      Wednesday brings a chance of snow later as we cool off and the arctic air we get to close out the week could drop wind chills very low on Friday night.

      If your a warm weather fan, enjoy the next two days.

      If you're a cold weather fan, we have some more cold air coming!