FORECAST: The Sun, The Clipper, and The Warmth

The main topic for the next 7 days would be late Tuesday.

The clipper system is expected to continue on the forecasted track and slide below us to the south with Mid-Michigan not receiving much more than a dusting to an inch, with the exception of the Thumb in which lake effect will be quite possible.

There are a few outliers on the models that project it to slide slightly north thus bringing the chance for more snow Tuesday night.

I do not believe this to be the case.

The main portion of snow should remain south of I-96 due to a number of mechanics in the atmosphere not quite meshing to pull more of that moisture further north.

However, the true path of the storm instead of this awful spread we have now will not be known until we can get more data on it as it approaches.

Expect an inch or a tad on either side of an inch Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning on the safe side.

Good or bad news depending on if you do not want winter to end just yet is any snow we get will melt quite fast with the rising temps, on which the downside is all that water needs to go somewhere fast so light flooding may become an issue.

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-Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey