FORECAST: Winter is not over, yet.

Michigan is making another grab at keeping winter around just a bit longer.

After the passage of a cold front today, snow showers mixed with rain will continue to spread across the area.

Later tonight, the rain leaves completely but the snow remains.

We are looking at an area of 1-3" accumulating snow, with the 3" being spotty and mostly hanging around the I-69 corridor.

Temperatures remain below average as we head into St. Patrick's Day.

My concern is with the system on Monday.

Temperatures will be closer to normal, which means rain through much of the day, and a good bet on a mix of rain and snow.

Several models have us being centered well within the dry slot of the system, and area below the center of low pressure where the storm basically begins to dry out and weaken.

This means we would see little activity, most likely an inch or so of snowfall.

Several models also have the system dumping more than a couple inches, but at this time I will leave you with the first scenario and keep you updated as more info comes in.

Spring is coming, the actual start of spring is just a few days away, but we will have to wait at least one more week before we get back to those spring temperatures.

And not to rub salt in the wound, but this is the same time last year that had near 80 degree weather, quite a big change!

-Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey