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      Forensic scientist testifies in Bluew trial

      Kenneth Bluew trial is now through its 6th day.

      Valerie Bowman and the states crime scene response team were called to investigate the death of Jenny Webb. The team examined physical evidence taken from the scene.

      Blood droplets, a piece of jewelry and a cigarette butt marked for evidence by Valerie Bowman.

      ??I got a positive indication which indicated to me that the presence of human blood was in that apparent blood stain, said Bowman. L 5 was a cigarette butt. A Winston brand cigarette butt and it appeared to be fresh.??

      Earlier this week witnesses testified to the fact that Ken Bluew smoked the same brand cigarettes found at the scene.

      Bowman also analyzed 5 stains on the shirt Jenny Webb wore the night she died.

      ??That test indicated to me the presence of human blood in all 5 of those areas,?? said Bowman.

      But that??s not all.

      ??An apparent disposable glove tip that I found within the clothing items of Miss Jennifer Webb,?? said Bowman.

      A pair of green gloves was found along the railroad crossing near where Webb??s body was found.

      ??They were seized only on September 2nd due to the fact that we found a box of green exam gloves in the trunk of the patrol vehicle, Mr. Bluew's vehicle,?? said Bowman.

      More than ten pieces of evidence were gathered from Webb??s vehicle and all produced the same result during testing.

      ??That indicated to me that there were human antibodies within that blood stain,?? said Bowman.

      Bowman??s lab sent parts of the evidence for DNA testing in Lansing. We should be hearing from them soon in the trial.