Former Corunna school teacher suing district over wrongful termination

A former teacher at the Corunna Public Schools is suing the district for not renewing her contract following a dispute over a poster raising awreness for the lebian, gay, bisexual and transgenger community.

Brook Johnson has filed the suit in federal court in Flint against the school district as well as some current and former district officials according to the Argus-Press of Owosso.

Corunna Public Schools declined to comment because, they say, they haven't been served with the lawsuit.

Brooks says she was involved with a high school diversity club, and this lead to negative evaluation and eventually her contract not being renewed in 2011.

When Brook was the club's adviser in 2009 the school board voted to remove a club poster from a school showcase.

The board later reversed their position and allowed the poster to remain.