Former Flint restaurant likely torched

The fire at Superior Coney Island Restaurant on Dort Highway in Flint may have been arson.

For years, the Superior Coney Island Restaurant on Dort Highway in Flint, was a popular gathering spot known for it's great 'Flint-style" coney dogs. But after it closed, fire officials say it became a haven for squatters.

Flint fire officials say they were called to the now-closed restaurant around 1:45 this morning. When crews arrived they found it fully involved in flames. Fire crews took a "defensive position" doing their best to save the other buildings around it. Flames could be seen shooting high into the air.

Investigators says perhaps someone set some tires and other debris on fire to start the blaze. Flint fire crews say they'd been here a few times before for the same sort of arson fire.

The flames were so intense, they were forced to shutdown Dort Highway between Lippencott and Atherton for more than an hour.

By the morning rush it was back open.