Former inmates help others get back on their feet after prison

Former inmates are coming together to create jobs and opportunities for men and women in Flint who are coming from similar situations.

3 Râ??s leaders say their unique backgrounds are helping others.

"We know itâ??s already hard for individuals coming out of college to get a job so for an individual with a number on his back itâ??s going to be that much harder," said Leon El-Alamin, 3 R's.

El-Alamin was put in prison for drug and gun charges. After growing up in North Flint he says he's seen it all.

â??Being set up by my own friends and getting shot in my head, back and ear and going right into prison and having to recover in prison," said El-Alamin.

El-Alamin is putting his unique experiences to work for inmates who like him, needed employment after incarceration.

â??When I came home and saw the people and the state of the city, I didn't even feel like it was home but with their help it has been easy," said Terae King.

10 years behind bars for attempted murder and felony fire arm is giving Terae King a new outlook on life.

â??I canâ??t even explain it. Itâ??s like a breath of fresh air every morning," said King.

King has been a free man for two weeks. He says through the 3 R's he, like others, will find a job.

â??Timothy has been taking me everywhere I need to go. Taking me to meetings with other people, about getting back into society," said King.

3 R founders Roy, Timothy and Leon have been getting people like King a job or education for years, and they believe their efforts are truly changing Flint into a better place to live.

â??To me, itâ??s like helping my kids, helping a person who genuinely needs your help," said Roy Fields, 3 R's Co-Founder.

"I can see us having positive people in society and they are going to want to inspire change and make a difference in their community," said Timothy Saddiq Abdul-Matin, 3 R's Co-Founder.

3 R's is holding education, job skills and religious classes every week. For more information call 810-732-8336 ext. 173 or go to