Former Ope's Lawn Care employee charged with stealing snow plows

Photo Credit: Rob Herman

A Brady Township resident is charged with stealing snow plows from several businesses in Saginaw County.

NBC25 found out how it hurt a local lawn care business.

The owner of Ope's Lawn Care says he doesn't want his name or his business to be associated with the man who damaged it.

The owner of Ope's Lawn Care in Saginaw says his business has suffered because of vicious rumors.

It's been a long couple of weeks, the longest Christmas we've been through," said Andrew Opalewski, the Owner of Ope TMs Lawn Care.

David Robison, a former employee of Ope's is charged with stealing three snow plows from businesses throughout Saginaw County between November 25 and December 5.

The investigation led authorities here to a lot at Ope's Lawn Care where they recovered the three stolen snow plows.

"I had no intention of using anything that was stolen, I didn't know anything was here, nor did any of my employees," said Opalewski.

Andrew Opalewski says authorities found the stolen snow plows on his property about three hours after they were allegedly put there by Robison on a Sunday morning when no one was around the shop.

"And that's how I wasn't aware of the situation," said Opalewski.

Opalewski says Robison was hired as a sub-contracted mechanic.

"The date this went down, he was not contracted out by us, nor had he been in the couple of days prior to that, so really, kinda wrong place, wrong time on our end," said Opalewski.

"Through this suspect TMs dealings and criminal activity, it cost a lot of stress and loss of business for a local business that was doing the right thing," said Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel.

Opalewski says the incident has smeared his name and has cost him $100,000 in business, but he's glad the crimes have been solved.

"In respect, that's going to clear our name, that's the main thing, we didn't have any part in this," said Opalewski.

Opalewski says he owns 19 snow plows and five months ago one of them was stolen, but has since been recovered.

Police say Robison was charged with three counts of larceny.