Former Saginaw gang member now working with police

Chet Atkins talks about his time as a member of a Saginaw gang. Now, he mentors youth and is making a difference.

It's an unlikely pairing.

The Saginaw Police Department is working hand in hand with former gang members.

You could consider Chet Atkins the prodigal son of Saginaw.

"I ended up in the street living the gang life", said Atkins.

42-year-old Atkins now works with the guys he used to run from but not before he was drawn to the streets of Saginaw as a younger man.

"When I couldn't get a clear understanding of what family is supposed to be. I ran to the streets and found family."

That all changed when Atkins became a dad.

"I always said if I have a son I'm going to name him chance to have the chance I never had."

"You don't have a lot of former people that were in the street, gang members, coming forward to do things like they're doing," said Saginaw Police officer, Sgt. Reggie Williams of Atkins.

The former gang member now mentors local youth calling them the future. "You have to invest in your child. you have to invest time, resources and whatever's necessary."

"Police officers, former gang members all trying to do the same thing. Our goal is exactly the same thing and that's to make a better more peaceful and safer city," said Sgt. Williams.