Foundation rather than flowers in honor of deceased soldier

Thomas Smith, Shane Holton. (Left to Right)

Instead of flowers Holton's family is asking for a different kind of memorial.

"Shane's Aunt called and I answered the phone, she says is this Tommy's mom and I said yes," said Thomas Smithâ??s mother Mary.

The family of Specialist Shane Holton is reaching out to the parents of Thomas Smith.

Smith passed away January 2011 from sudden cardiac arrest. The Smith's and Holton's once strangers now united under one cause.

"Itâ??s another sad sad incident with what can happen with sudden cardiac arrest," said Mary Smith.

In honor of Thomas Smith his family operates a foundation to screen the hearts of youth for risks of sudden cardiac arrest.

"She started talking about our foundation and the family had heard about it and that they were considering having donations in Shaneâ??s memory sent to our foundation and we were just so honored," said Mary Smith.

In lieu of flowers, Mary says Holton's family is asking for donations to the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation.

"To know that thereâ??s other people out there that are paying attention and are willing to put everything that their son, their family name onto it through their sons death. It means a lot," said Thomas Smithâ??s brother Jacob.

The foundations dedication in areas like Clio is proven. Several students discovering they could have a problem. But now the foundation is reaching to Holton's alma mater. In hopes of delivering the same potentially life saving examinations.

The full military honor service for Specialist Holton is scheduled for Monday, November 25th at Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly Township.