Four injured in Saginaw drive-by shooting

A drive-by shooting on the 1100 block of Essling Street sends four to the hospital Tuesday morning and terrifies a community full of young children.

"When I heard the shooting last night I hurried up and grabbed my baby. We were almost under the bed because it sounded like it was right there,â?? Eric Ball said.

Residents say there was a party outside of this building when a silver grand prix with tinted windows pulled up and an someone opened fire.

"I cant stand that because when I got shot now I'm kind of shell shocked and when I hear someone shooting it makes me shake and I get shaking really bad," Ball said.

Police have not identified anyone responsible for the shooting.

"We are looking at this as an individual shooting and we are also look to see if it is related to the other shootings that have happened in the last month," Det. Sgt. Joseph Dutoi said.

In fear of retaliation, one resident remained off camera but has seen the violence first hand.

"If the community was more united then we could come together to create change in our neighborhoods to set examples for other people so that our children will understand that this is not the way that life is supposed to be,â?? she said.

â??I don't think the community can have an expectation of us doing our until they step forward."

Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call Saginaw police or Crime Stoppers.