Fourth suspect at 6-year-old shooting death

Police are on the search for the fourth man suspected in the shooting death of a six year old in Saginaw.

Police say 23-year-old Michael Lawerence is consisdered armed and extremely dangerous.

He also goes by the name mills.

If you see him you are asked to call police immediately.

They believe he is still in the area.

Three other people have already been arrested in connection with the case.

Lawrence, as well as 21-year-old Rico Saldana and 22-year-old Levonne Greer all face premeditated murder charges.

20-year-old Julian Ruiz faces an accessory to murder charge.

The charges all stem from the shooting death of six-year-old Lay'la Jones.

Her father, Shawrone Jones, was also injured and remains in the hospital.

Funeral arrangements for six-year-old Jones are set for this Thursday.

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