Fracking concerns keep reservoir residents nervous

Carl Terwilliger shows his well cap. He is concerned for the watershed and homeowners well safety.

Boaters, anglers, and homeowners along the Holloway reservoir are worried.

"I'm concerned with the amount of water they have to use and where they are going to put it after they're done" says Carl Terwilliger.

Carl has lived here since the 60's and he's afraid future fracking could harm the entire watershed,

"If the pull the water out then they have to put it back in, although they always say it's cleaner when they put it back but..." Carl says with a chuckle.

About 90 acres of land along the reservoir has been leased to Western Land Services, an oil company based in Ludington.

The cost, $10 an acre, adding to the $242 million the state has made from similar leases over the past decade.

"The money gets filtered back into and benefits the citizens and state as a whole" says Mary Uptigrove with the Department of Natural Resources.

But residents and anglers say the possibility of polluted water is not worth it.

"If that were to ever happen it would have a huge effect on the fishing and this lake has been one of the best walleye lakes in the state of Michigan" says Craig Nagy, an angler from Columbiaville.

"I'm not sold one way or the other on fracking itself, but I don't like it with all that waste water" says Carl.