Frankenmuth thrives on small business Saturday

Frankenmuth small businesses do well on small business Saturday.

"It's almost like a relationship, like a friendship relationship with the small businesses,â?? said tourist William Flint.

And for small business Saturday owners capitalized on what they do best.

"The ability to talk to the customer and talk about my product it adds a lot to the product itself I think,â?? said Zachery Kidder.

Thousands of Little Bavaria shoppers couldnâ??t complement these small businesses enough.

"They keep telling us they love the assortment Judy carries here because they don't find them in the big box stores so they do come here for a reason,â?? said Toy Company employee Lila Roux.

And that reason is unique in a market dominated by big business.

"Where I am from there isn't a lot of small businesses, everything is a chain,â?? said Flint.

But shoppers say they recognize the importance of small business Saturday.

"Creating jobs and making money. Bringing in just that warm feeling,â?? said Flint.

"Everyone here is a one or two person business so it's just a way to give back to the community and they invest their funds into the community that grows them,â?? said Dietrich Bronier.

These employeeâ??s arenâ??t going on strike and arenâ??t complaining about wages. Employeeâ??s at Macâ??s are still working with their hands and greeting customers with a smile.

"It is important to get people to focus kind of on the way it used to be. Being able to go into towns and enjoy the small business aspect of things,â?? said Macâ??s owner Zak McClellan.