Fraternity members from Kettering complete 65-mile charity run

Six guys from Kettering Universityâ??s Phi Delta Theta chapter covered 65 miles running from Detroit to Flint in a philanthropic effort to raise money for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Dubbed the â??GM to GMIâ?? relay, the race took them the Renaissance Center in Detroit to Kettering University Saturday.

All donations to the chapter's efforts will go to the ALS Association.

Each member took turns running 12 to 15 miles along the route.

â??Great to see this event really grow - one thing that we're really proud of is that we're a fraternity that defies the stereotypes,â?? said Michael Boulter, president of the chapter.

â??I mean, most people, when they think of frat guys getting up at six in the morning to go run 65 miles for a cause, you know, it's just great to be able to give back to the community and help out."

The first year they did this, the brothers raised 10 bucks. This year, they say they raised closer to $900.

They celebrated at the finish line with a post-race cookout.