Free college associate's degree while going to high school

Parents, listen up, there's a program going on right now in MidMichigan that will pay for your child's associate degree while their still in high school, for free.

"I couldn't believe it was true," says Frankenmuth parent Lynn Klammer. She had to do a double-take when she saw an advertisement for a free associate's degree for her high-school children.

It's through Saginaw County's Carrollton Schools.

Nancy Paris, director of adult and alternative education at Carrollton Schools says, "We're one of the few early college high schools in the state and even in the country."

Here's how it works, Michigan's public schools receive roughly $7,000 from the state per pupil, per year.

An associate's degree from Delta College is roughly $6,000 paid out from Carrollton Schools.

The public school gets paid. The college gets paid. The student graduates with two diplomas.

"It was an incredible savings in time and money both," says Lynn Klammer.

Lynn's daughter, Leahana, will save two years of her life and several thousand dollars by going through the program. She says, it's more of her speed.

"I thought I was kind of being held back in high school," says Leahana.

She takes her classes online or at delta.

Carrollton Schools says the program helps students transition better.

"College can be a daunting thing for students. It can be intimidating. There are different offices they have to get to. They may not know how to get their books. We're there to help them through that process," says Paris.

For parents, it's peace of mind knowing they can keep tabs on their kids academic progress.

"I'm able to monitor everything. It's all right there, her grades, I can talk to the instructors. It's perfect."

Carrollton Schools says it's set up to accept around 100 students for the program.

The deadline to sign up for Delta's fall semester is April 3rd.

While the tuition is free.

There is still a charge for books.