â??Freedom to Twerkâ?? party cancelled after outrage of poster depicting MLK spreads

A poster has a lot of people shaking their heads in disgust. It shows Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a gold chain promoting a party called â??Freedom to Twerk.â?? It was supposed to take place at a Flint club but the owner has cancelled the party saying the party promoters violated their contract by not showing him the poster before it was printed.

â??I felt like it was disgraceful,â?? says Vic McEwen. He owns The Social Network, the event hall where the party was supposed to take place.

â??This is not how you're supposed to celebrate Dr. King,â?? says McEwen. That feeling is spreading across Flint.

â??Isaw that last night, I think it was a little too much,â?? says Dave Veasley who owns Big Daddyâ??s Barber Shop on Saginaw Road. â??What do we need that for now?â??

â??It seems like we're going backward instead of forward,â?? says Tom King, a customer at the barber shop.

McEwen agrees.

In protest over the ad, he's cancelled the party.

â??You don't have to twerk and use one of our fallen giantsâ?? depiction in order to make money,â?? says McEwen.

The business owner says he rented the hall to party promoters called "mid-Michigan Teen Parties" and he had no part in making the flyer.

â??Ignorance, ignorance that's just the bottom line,â?? says McEwen.

The party promotersâ?? Facebook page has been deleted and the phone number listed for the promoters is disconnected.

McEwen is hoping this is a learning experience for everybody involved.

â??I lost a little bit of money and Lord willing I won't lose anymore. But Iâ??m not worried about that. I'm happy I could be a part of the cause,â?? says McEwen.

McEwen is now planning a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at The Social Network for Sunday.