Freezing conditions bring icy roads to Mid-Michigan

Now the snow is done, another hazard moves in for drivers out on the roads and that, is ice.

"We are taking care of all issues that we need to address" says Dan Medina of the Saginaw County Road Commission.

Issues like black ice which forms easily in sub-freezing temperatures from melted snow.

Road crews worked over the weekend to prepare for freezing conditions Monday night.

"Before the weekend on Friday, our trucks worked on our bridge decks and what-not, and we pre-salted the decks this weekend" says Medina.

Road workers advise drivers to be careful on bridges, which can freeze over more easily, but say black ice on secondary roadways is just as tricky.

If you do hit a slick patch take your foot off the brake and gas and steer in the direction you want to go.

"Drive slowly and always pay attention to other drivers around you" says Lake Odessa resident Kevin Durkee.