Freezing temperatures & power outages In Tuscola County

UNIONVILLE---Weekend winds knocked down power lines leaving many people in Mid-Michigan in the dark in this cold snap.

"Cold, windy, snowy," says Conrad Kincaid, describing this winter weather.

"Cold, cold and freezing," adds Drew Armstead.

That's how neighbors in Unionville are describing the weather. It's a double whammy for them because not only is it freezing outside, power outages blanketed Tuscola County this weekend.

"it's the worst we've seen it this winter," adds Kincaid.

Conrad Kincaid has been installing generators around Unionville.

"We've been running since yesterday, around 3 o'clock, yesterday morning," says Kincaid. "Hooking generators up and getting things started that's not running," he adds.

Down at The Unionville Moravian Church, Pastor Trina Holmberg held services this weekend without power.

"It was fun. We had a few people, we had the piano, we sang, we read scripture, we prayed and we worshiped. It was wonderful," says Holmberg.

Prayers are finally being answered in Unionville. Lights started coming back on around 1 o'clock Monday afternoon.

"They're (people in Unionville) probably going to be rejoicing for joy because now we can start moving around and get everything back in order," says Armstead.