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      Friends and family bid the 1460th National Guard unit farewell

      125 members of the 1460th Transportation Company are saying their farewells before deploying to Afghanistan.

      Midland Dow High School could not have held any more people during Saturdayâ??s ceremony. Friends, family and fellow service members packing into the gymnasium to show their support for a unit entering its third deployment in ten years.

      The 1460th Transportation Company is heading to Fort Hood Texas before leaving for Afghanistan. But saying goodbye is tough.

      "Just I really hope that you guys do okay without me, Iâ??m sure everything will be fine," said Private Trevor Denmoer talking to his family.

      The company is performing transportation missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

      "We are very proud of our loved ones and we are looking forward to a safe return of them," said Timothy Denmoer.

      Through joy and tears the families of soldiers are being reassured of their safety from the units support group and each other.

      "Everyone here is joining banning and supporting each other. I look around me and everyone has the same emotion and feelings," said Timothy Denmoer.

      Nearly 500 Michigan National Guard members are currently deployed across the world.