Friends remember Barney Fritcher

Everyone that Barney Fritcher came into contact with says the same thing.

He carried with him a smile and a big heart.

After an accident claimed his life last weekend, now the community is giving back to the man's family who friends and acquaintances say gave so much.

To those who knew him, Barney Fritcher did not know a stranger.

"If you didn't know him you wouldn't know it but once you talked to him it was his favorite saying. Have a glorious day," said John Wells, Barney's friend.

"You just can't help but be in a good mood around Barney," said Kevin Goss, owner of K&C Property Services, Barney's employer.

The long-haired 52-year-old described as a 'jack of all trades' was killed in a car accident last Saturday while riding his motorcycle.

He and his wife just celebrated their 22nd anniversary.

Wells found out after he saw a news report. "Took the wind out of my sales I was just lost the whole day."

As friends and complete strangers got word of the accident, a movement gained steam to help the generous Flint man's family pay for funeral expenses and medical bills.

Former employer, Sandra Dell, said it's no surprise.

"He would give his last nickel to someone else to help them out whether it was a relative a friend or even someone he didn't know. If there was someone in need he always took care of them," said Dell, President of Innovative Property Management, Barney's employer for nearly ten years.

"He would make a point to walk up to everybody and tell them have a glorious day. have a glorious day. I bet you heard that 50 times every day," recalled Goss.

A large heart leaving a big and glorious impression.

"Everybody's heard it. Have a glorious day. That's his favorite saying on his way out the door," said Wells.

Barney's wife was injured in the crash and is recovering after undergoing several surgeries.

Officials with the Good Samaritan Network of Mid-Michigan say an anonymous donor has paid for all the funeral expenses in addition to the family's needs.