Friends remember James Owens, Saginaw businessman found dead

Anthony Clapper, 36, was arraigned Monday morning on murder charges.

A Saginaw county man was arraigned Monday, charged with the murder of businessman James Owens. The 77-year old was found dead inside his home last Wednesday.

Crime scene tape remains at James Owens home as friends gather to remember the Saginaw County businessman.

â??Very, very hardworking and he did not deserve to go the way he did,â?? says friend Debra Bates.

â??He treated all people the same,â?? says Russ Edwards, a friend of Owens. â??He didn't care if you had $3 or $200,000. He treated you the same,â?? he adds.

Anthony Clapper, 36, was arraigned Monday.

Heâ??s charged with the pre-mediated murder of Owens.

â??I didn't think Anthony was actually capable of doing something like that myself,â?? says Jeffrey Gardener. He owns half of Owens contracting. Gardner adds his partner helped out Anthony Clapper a number of times.

â??He worked on some cars for him occasionally and mowed grass and done odd jobs for him,â?? says Gardner.

He adds, Owens cashed a check for Clapper hours before he was found dead. Police say Clapper broke into Owensâ?? home, stole a gun and took off in Owensâ?? car.

â??Jim, he was one of a kind and one of the best,â?? says Bates.

â??We were his family,â?? says Edwards.

â??He paid the ultimate sacrifice,â?? adds Bates.

Now friends who became family members wonder why someone Owens helped urned on him.

â??Iâ??d like to know why,â?? says Gardner.

â??I hope they throw the book at the kid,â?? says Bates. â??He deserves everything that he gets,â?? she adds.

Police have not released exactly how Owens died but they are calling it a homicide.

Owens funeral is set of Thursday at 11 oâ??clock at Oakwood Mausoleum.