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      Frigid temperatures boost business

      When the temperatures dip not everyone gets a day off.

      For some businesses , the bitter cold means more foot traffic but it also means people will be outside in the frigid Michigan air.

      Experts say it's important to be educated about the dangers of when cold is too cold.

      It was a chilly day to hit the slopes at Freeland's Apple Mountain Resort.

      But despite single digits and fierce winds the cold attracted people to the snow-covered slopes Friday.

      " W e've made a lot of snow but the natural snow that's fallen we've had quite a bit of that and it's helped bring business in , " said mountain manager, Shanda Mentus.

      Keeping employees busy and bundled.

      " E specially the guys on the chair lift outside we encourage them to rotate often , two up one down, so they stay warm , " said Mentus.

      Health officials say if you must be outside cover any exposed skin and wear appropriate clothing.

      The cold also puts a strain on your heart so avoid exertion and know the warning signs of hypothermia like shivering, confusion, dizziness and exhaustion.

      Health officials also advise people to steer clear of caffeine and alcohol in the cold.

      Stable of S aginaw also experiencing an increase in customers as the snow piles up.

      " W e're up almost 25% over last year . I always call it white gold , " said owner, Denny Whalen.

      Health experts urge you not to forget about your four-legged friends in the cold.

      If they are outside make sure they are protected from the cold by bringing them inside or providing them with proper shelter.