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      From auto to medical the Great Lakes Tech Center is coming back to life

      The Great lakes Technology Center is coming back to life after being abandoned by the automotive industry.

      "It used to be the old fisher body plant and I used to work here at fisher body building cars building Buicks and all that and they closed it down.," said Flint resident Melvin Cotton.

      Melvin Cotton??s old workplace is now transforming into a medical hub with plenty of potential.

      "We believe this is a great opportunity for biotech and the ability to bring in a medical corridor type business into this area," said Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy CEO Phil Hagerman.

      In addition to Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy the Insight Institute for Neurosurgery and Neuroscience is bringing a new element into rebuilding Flint.

      "My dream and plan was to make Flint into a medical silicon valley," said VP of the I.I.N.N Amer Iqbal.

      Patrons of the institute say it??s exciting to have a medical center close and they hope they can offer more in the future.

      "With us being here it has been phenomenal everything we had dreamed of doing ten fifteen years down the road it's almost happening now," said Iqbal.

      Cotton now visits the tech center to work out and is pleased with the new direction.

      "I was wondering what they were going to put out here instead of leaving it. But I am well pleased with it because they have a Hurley Fitness Center, they didn't leave the place vacant," said Cotton.