From drug dealing to divorce: Church using mini-series to show redemption path

Ebenezer Ministries using mini-series to show path to redemption.

Members at Ebenezer Ministries church using their own stories of redemption to help men turn things around in the city.

"Even though our past may be tattered, even though we may be broken, we're going to come together and lead this community back to greatness," said Bishop Urundi Knox.

The church is debuting a mini-series next Sunday for Father's Day to let men both young and old know, it's never too late for a second chance.

"I did so much bad that, I just want to give back," said Michael Anderson, an actor in the series. "I'm glad i'm in a position that I can give back."

Sharing stories of everything from drug dealing to divorce, those involved say they want the series to help local men step up and make a change.

"We are leaders, and it's time that we take our rightful position in this community," said series co-writer Anthony Allen.

With the series hitting airways on Father's Day, these men say the timing couldn't be better.

"Even though we have problems in our past, there is hope...and that's what we're trying to send out in our message," Knox said.

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