Fuel spill shuts down exit on I-75

Emergency crews clean up a fuel spill on northbound I-75.

Travelers on northbound I-75 in southern Genesee County were inconvenienced Monday night because of a fuel spill.

It happened in Grand Blanc Township, between the Holly Road and Dort Highway exits.

Police say a semi-truck driver hit a piece of debris in the road, when it punctured his fuel tank.

Suddenly, about 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the expressway ramp at Dort Highway.

As a result it was closed to motorists during a clean up.

Clean up crews from the Genesee County HazMat unit used an absorbent to clean up the diesel fuel.

It's unclear if any environmental damage occured.

The expressway ramp has since been re-opened.

No one was injured.