Fugitive team formed as search for teen murder suspect continues

A special fugitive team has been formed to search for escaped murder suspect Mark Jones.

A special fugitive team comprised of Flint, the Michigan State Police, and the FBI have combined forces to search for an escaped murder suspect.

16-year-old Mark Jones was last seen leaving the New Passages Psychological Center on Friday afternoon. Reported have indicated he may have stolen a van from the area surroudning the Flint Township facility.

Guards did not accompany Jones during a trip to the bathroom.

"The staff didn't keep line of sight and the mental health person came out and asked if it was ok for Mark to use the bathroom," said Fred Woelmber, Director of the Genesee Valley Deterntion Center. "W normally go with the youth and keep the youth in sight all the time."

In 2010, when Jones was just 14, he was charged as an adult for the murder of 73-year-old Merlynd Wray in Flint.