Funding proposal still not enough fix crumbling roads

There are a lot of ways to describe Genesee County's Lake Road but the people who live there, say it best.

â??Itâ??s like a damn war sport,â?? says Robert Moore. Heâ??s been dodging potholes for decades.

â??It has been good to a certain extent,â?? says Moore, reflecting back to when the road was in fair condition.

â??This road is terrible,â?? says George Stacy. He and his neighbors are glad lawmakers in Lansing are giving Michigan roads $450 million more a year.

â??Itâ??s time to get this done, get it fixed,â?? says Moore.

But those in charge of the roads say they need more money. The increase is nowhere near the $1 billion Governor Snyder is requesting.

â??The action that they took while certainly commendable and showing courageâ?¦isn't an action that solves the problem,â?? says John Daly, Genesee County Road Commissioner.

Daly his budget is too tight to fix roads like Lake Road. Instead of reconstructing the road, he's forced to just maintain is which he says is likeâ?¦â??Rob Peter to pay Paul."

â??They need to fix Lake Road,â?? says Moore.

â??I just wish that the government would quit feuding amongst themselves and solve the problem,â?? says Stacy.

The Michigan state senate will debate the bill next week.