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      Funeral service held for 21-year-old shooting victim

      The day after Lay'la Jones' funeral, the man killed hours before the 6-year-old on August 29 is laid to rest.

      For family members, they describe 21-year old Bobby Bailey's shooting death as senseless.

      "He was a very peaceful person. None of that extra street stuff, none of that. It was no cause for him to be shot it really wasn't," says Bernice Hooker, Bailey's sister.

      "People die every day but this is the first time it's been close to the heart," says sister Uniqua Jones.

      In the 21-year old Saginaw man's obituary it reads, "Bobby enjoyed life to the fullest. He was a fun, loving young man who will be greatly missed by his family and friends."

      NBC25 spoke to two of Bobby's nine sisters who couldn't agree more.

      "He would come over every now and then and when we'd see him we'd crack jokes and have a lot of fun, but now it's not going to be the same," says Hooker.

      "Goofy, he made everybody laugh, everybody had a smile on their face," says Jones.

      While they pray for change in the wake of their tragedy, Bobby's sisters find it hard to see a bright end to the current, violent reality in Saginaw.

      "I hope for a change but ain't no change coming," says Jones.

      Bailey's service was held at Paradise Funeral Chapel Friday.