Gas prices are the highest they've ever been this season

BP station on Saginaw Road in Mt. Morris

The jump at the pump has drivers furious.

It's for good reason, the price for gasoline is the highest its ever been for this time of year.

Overnight, the price at the pump jumped thirty cents to around $3.50, and it's only february, several months before the heavy driving season.

On a stretch of Saginaw Road through Mount Morris, traditionally offering the lowest prices at the pump, NBC25 found the highest.

Motorists are mad over forking out more for fuel.

"They've got to be doing a better job at regulating these guys. I don't know how much they need to make," says Mike Muron of Mt. Morris Township.

"I think they're horrible. We've been struggling through this energy crisis for too long now. I think the president needs to open up the oil wells back in the Gulf again," says Mount Morris resident Harold Geary.

In other parts of the country people are paying even more than $3.50.

The national average is $3.53, the highest ever for this time of year, and drivers are fueled by fear over what it could be this summer.

"I think it will be well over $4 a gallon, probably at least a dollar more than it is now," says Geary.

Muron says, "I bet it'll be pushing $5 a gallon. I'm sure of that."

Economic experts say a 25-cent jump, sustained over a year, costs the economy about $35-billion.

That's not welcome news since the price last year at this time was $3.17 a gallon, five years ago was $2.25.

The Oil Price Information Service predicts gas could be to $4.25 a gallon by the end of April.