Gas prices down, still painful

Michigan drivers are still seeing some of the highest gas prices in the continental United States despite a slight dip at the pump.

"I'm thinking when's it going to end," questions Ronald Moore.

Moore's lawncare business depends on fueling up.

Now, his liquid expenses are costing him even more.

"I'd say 20% maybe 30 depending on how much it fluctuates."

Michigan's $4.13 average is forcing Flint residents to plan carefully.

"I have to cut down where I'm going, how far I'm going in order to be able to travel at all," said Flint resident, Tracey Lee.

Eric Sanchez agrees, "maybe not going out to eat as much or at all sometimes not going to visit friends or families as much."

While most are sacrificing extra travel others are risking jail time.

"I don't know why they'd want to go that far that's up to them if they want to go to jail over it," said Moore.

Two men were arrested in Detroit after police discovered their eleaborate scheme to siphon hundreds of gallons of gas directly from the gas station's tank and into their van.

"I think it's really ridiculous but in these times we live in i'm not surprised," said Lee.

These drivers say they'll bite the bullet and pay the prices.

"Really nothing I can do about it so i just keep on plugging," said Moore.

But they hope lawmakers are listening.

"They are hurting the economy it's hard for people to work," said Lee.

Sanchez said, "In the Constitution it says for the people not profits. Not power to corporations. Just remember that."

Experts say they expect gas prices to drop between 15 and 30 cents over the next week.