Gas prices have little effect on travel as Labor Day weekend kicks off

Triple-A says nearly 1.2 million Michigan residents will be hitting the roads this Labor Day weekend...despite the higher gas prices.

"The gas prices really haven't affected plans, maybe people stay longer instead of taking 2 weekend trips they take 1 four day trip" says Cindy Keinath, manager of Jellystone Park in Frankenmuth.

Popular this year are destinations a bit closer to home, such as Jellystone park.

"We've been here before, we like the campground, we like all the stuff around Frankenmuth, we enjoy it" says Bryon Zelmer, a camper at Jellystone.

Campers this weekend may have to endure a few bursts of rain along with the sun, but experienced campers are not letting this bother them.

While many people are using the weekend to soak up nature, others are making the annual trek to move their kids into their college homes.

"I've done this about 7 years in a row, first with my son, now with my daughter" says Brent Stajkowski of Thunder Bay.

Just in case the drive is tiring, Operation CARE, a partnership of Triple-A and the Michigan State Police, is supplying free coffee and snacks at many rest stops along the way.

Bottom line, drive safe, have fun, and come home safely.