Gas prices keeping families away from traditional vacations

Residents are looking for a closer vacation becaues of gas prices.

Michigan residents are enjoying the pleasant weather this Labor Day weekend. But gas prices are changing the plans for some.

Wolverine campground is seeing a lot of campers saving money by avoiding long travels this holiday weekend.

â??We came here because it is closer to home and with the economy and gas at four dollars plus a gallon we thought we would stay close to home. You donâ??t have to fight the traffic that way, said camper Pam Sprague.â??

Boaters are feeling the gas prices the most. Keith Howard has a dual engine boat that takes 50 gallons to fill up. He says itâ??s really expensive but thatâ??s not stopping his family from their favorite summertime activity.

â??We didâ??t change anything. It just makes us run up the credit card a little bit more,â?? said Howard.

Despite long travels being avoided, local campgrounds like Wolverine and others in the Genesee County Parks and Recreation are offering the same experience closer to home.