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      Gas prices reach the $4 mark in Mid-Michigan

      Don't blink at the gas pump. Prices are hitting the $4 mark across Mid-Michigan. Drivers don't seem surprised.

      "Gas prices are terrible right now,?? said Dale Anderson of Clio. ??I wish they'd go back down, but there isn't a lot we can do about it." He filled up at a Birch Run gas station for $3.99.

      Some say changing the way they drive helps save a little extra change in their pockets.

      "Definitely don't stop and go,?? suggested Brandon Miller, ??Don't accelerate too fast because that usually wastes a lot of gas." Experts agree. Aggressive breaking and high speed lane changes can also guzzle your gas.

      "I'm putting in like 5 dollars, 10 dollars in at time, instead of really filling up,?? Miller said.

      The average price for a gallon of regular in Michigan rose to $3.94 yesterday, according to www.michigangasprices.com. Prices in California, Alaska and Hawaii already top $4 a gallon.

      If the trend continues, drivers say, they'll be forced off the road.

      "Not travel as much, just wait until I need to get something, and hold off until I really need it,?? Anderson said.