Gateway Dental offers free services

Gateway Dental off Hill Road offers free dental work for a day.

For a year and a half Melissa Meyers worried whether she would loose a tooth or not. This morningâ??s accident didn't stop her from the free dental work.

"I had to go 20-30 miles per hour but I made it here and it was worth it,â?? said Meyers.

After her cleaning Meyersâ?? was told she needed a root canal. Dr. Grossi is performing the operation for free later in the week.

"It means a lot. There isn't that many people who do things for free. Especially went above and beyond with the root canal,â?? said Meyers.

The appreciation and thanks is what gateway dental is all about.

â??It is more than money could ever give me. It's the best feeling I'll ever have I mean the whole point of being alive is to give and I tell my kids you have to give more than you receive and this is my part,â?? said Grossi.

Dr. Grossi usually see's about 20 people a day. There were more than that in the waiting room.

"I mean I have been waiting here since 9 o'clock but I'll wait here all day if I have too. It's well worth it,â?? said Dempsey Gadd.

Worth it because without dental insurance Dempsey Gadd's teeth would be neglected.

"This is saving me hundreds, possibly even thousands just to get my wisdom teeth out,â?? said Demsey.

"I hope as a community of dentists even as a city we can reach together and give back to the community that's good to us,â?? said Grossi.

Dr. Grossi did charge one favor today.

"He said that he is glad what he can do for me and he just wants me to pay it forward. And I said that I would,â?? said Meyers.