Gay slur painted on Vienna Township home has neighbors looking for answers

Slur spray-painted on the Peabody home.

The parents of a 16-year old Clio student say he's become the target of bullying because he's openly gay.

Now, their home has also become a target.

The parents and the young man are speaking out tonight---saying they will not suffer in silence.

â??Over here you can see the red and black paint from the arrow,â?? says Melanie Peabody while pointing out the damage to her home.

She and her husband tried to wipe away the graffiti but the traces are still there.

â??Iâ??m mad. My son's not safe,â?? says Peabody.

A homosexual slur was spray-painted on her Vienna Township home with an arrow pointing to her 16 year old son's bedroom.

â??It does hurt,â?? says Levi Peabody who attends Clio High School. â??As much as I don't want to admit it, it does hurt that someone would dislike me that much to do something to my window,â?? adds the high school sophomore.

The Peabodys believe classmates of Levi are behind the act.

â??I want the kid that did this to get caught,â?? says Leviâ??s mother.

The Peabodys have even installed a security camera in their bedrooms to try and catch the culprits but more importantly to let people know, they will not stand for this.

â??I mean it's disgusting,â?? adds Melanie Peabody.

The Genesee County Sheriff's department says they're working with Clio school officials to identify potential suspects through hand writing samples.

â??I don't think anybody deserves that type of vandalism,â?? says neighbor Jolaina Walling.

The Peabody family is hoping someone speaks up so this type of vandalism doesn't happen to somebody else.