Gen. Co. Commissioners vote to allow adoption of pitbulls

All breeds of dogs will be monitored to see if they are suitable for adoption.

Swartz Creek resident Randy Cronover emailed county leaders for months trying to change the adoption procedure of bully breeds at the Genesee County Animal Shelter.

"All we were trying to do was bring this to light and level the playing field," said Randy.

Randy, volunteers at the shelter taking photos of dogs he then and posts the pictures on websites hoping to find them homes.

His campaign to allow the adoption of bully breeds with gentle temperaments got a boost when a local dog named Faith made national headlines after an The organization out of New York filed a lawsuit in January to spare it's life.

"It was kind of a blessing . We had this attention focused on this and it gave us a great opportunity to ask commissioners to put in writing as for what the policy should be," said Randy.

Wednesday commissioners approved a policy to allow all dogs to be evaluated individually, not by breed, to see if they're suitable for adoption.

"Some pitbulls, not all came in to our facility.They were vicious they were used for protection and illegal activity."

Commissioner Omar Simms says the new policy was discussed for about three years as the county tried to find ways to balance it's budget and had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

"This is not a reaction. The timing is interesting but it's not a reaction."

Randy says the timeing doesn't matter, he's just happy bully breeds will have a fair chance at finding a home.

"It will help reduce the euthanize rates and these dogs can breath freedom."

Randy says since he started taking photos of dogs he has not seen one euthanized for space.