Genesee Co. baseball club says coach 'disappeared' with their money

The Great Lakes Cyclones Baseball Club says a coach is missing, along with their savings used to fund the team.


The Great Lakes Cyclones are holding a car wash Saturday 8-4 at the Honda plant of Al Serra in Grand Blanc to raise funds for the teams season. Police are still investigating the claims of more than 20 thousand dollars being missing from the teams bank account.

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Parents and players for the Great Lakes Cyclones Baseball Club are stunned after learning money raised for the team has disappeared along with the man in charge of it.

"We trusted him as a baseball coach and I could never see him doing this kind of thing," said cyclones player Caleb Roumayeh.

Cyclone players and family are concerned for the future of their season.

They say more than 20 thousand dollars is gone along with any contact with the coach who was in charge.

"He was nowhere to be found his email were coming back undeliverable his phone has been disconnected his Facebook was gone and he pretty much just vanished with all the money," said Renee Ray.

Today, the team hit the diamond to do what they know best.

"They want to play ball they want to be out here and enjoy it but our kids the last few days have been through a lot," said Coach Larry Green.

"We trusted him as a baseball coach," said Roumayeh.

The team faced with fees and insurance for the kids is fighting an uphill battle; however, with help from the community the team is staying afloat keeping family members hopeful.

"That he actually gets the money gets the money he needs and that his team plays and they all just have fun," said Roumayehâ??s cousin Alexa Ford.

Have fun and teach the players about more than just baseball.

"If you hustle and hard work good things will happen whether baseball or real life," said Green.

The teamâ??s leadership is meeting with police next week to find the money and keep the kids on the field.

For the Cyclones help is on the way. Monday at 8pm Perani's hockey world is matching donations for the team dollar for dollar.