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      Genesee Co. Drain Commission to fix growing sinkhole in front of Grand Blanc Twp. home

      Dana Voss of Grand Blanc Township hopes the big problem in her yard doesn??t grow bigger by Monday.

      Voss says a sinkhole appeared in front of her home after a pipe collapsed underneath a county-owned drain back in March.

      It was a 2-foot-wide sinkhole then, and four months later, it??s grown to a 5-foot-wide, 8-foot-deep eyesore.

      It's been filled with rocks to stabilize it and fenced off for safety. But Voss says the Genesee County Drain Commission doesn't seem as concerned about the sinkhole as she is.

      "With three little kids, it's just not OK to have a hole that big in the yard and no one take it that serious,?? Voss said. "They're kids. They're obviously going to try to run toward it when they think no one??s looking. So it was definitely an issue that we were very concerned about.??

      The drain commission says budget constraints delayed any action, and told Voss a crew will be out Monday to fix it.