Genesee Co. Republicans choose Joseph Graves as their candidate to take over Rep. Paul Scott's seat

Joseph Graves has been nominated as the Genesee Co. Republican Party candidate to take over Rep. Paul Scott's former seat. / Facebook Photo

The Genesee County Republican Party has elected Joseph Graves, current Genesee County Commissioner, as their candidate to replace Representative Paul Scott.

Graves was selected as the Republican top choice during a meeting of the executive committee Monday night.

Rep. Paul Scott conceded to his recall as the votes came in on November 8, 2011. When the final votes came in, Rep. Scott had lost the battle against the recall by about 200 votes.

Groups recalling Rep. Scott said they were against him because he supported pension taxes and education reductions.

The Genesee County Democrats have not yet selected a candidate to go against Graves in the February 28, 2011 election.