Genesee Co. Road Commission braces for winter storm

After a late start to winter, Mother Nature is catching up this week.

With temperatures dropping and snowfall accumulations expected tonight, the Genesee County Road Commission has been preparing for the worst.

"We've went through and we've got all the trucks fueled up, we've checked all the blades, we've got the trucks loaded up, some of the trucks have a liquid grime that we carry on there. we've got everything set up and ready to go," Ron Latimer of the road commission said.

One of the challenges for the road comission is the uncertainty that comes with winter storms and predicting exactly how much local roadways will be affected.

That can make staffing an issue, especially with people still returning from Christmas holidays.

"We've already called in the people from their vacations so we that tomorrow morning we will be fully staffed ready to roll," Latimer said.

For residents, it's also a waiting game.

With the most challenging winter months still ahead, some used today as a chance to prepare. They went to to local hardware stores to purchase supplies including shovels, salt and even a snowblower.

"Without having any snow this year i kind of put it off long enough. our due has come. winter is here," Jim Chinery said.