Genesee Co. Road Commission prepared for winter storm

Road crews in the southern part of Mid-Michgan are gearing for what could be a very long night of plowing and salting the roads. John Daly, managing director of the Genesee County Road Commission, says crews will likely be out all night, because they have more than 1,600 miles of road and more than a hundred bridges to clean up.

Daly says cleanup and maintenance will be an orderly process that starts with state trunklines â?? Interstates 69, 75 and 475 that will be cleaned up first. Primary roads will be next, followed by the local road system and then subdivisions.

Snow wonâ??t start to accumulate until about 11 p.m. Wednesday, so the road commission is asking residents to be patient and cautious overnight into the morning. Daly says could take up to 36 hours for crews to cover the entire county road system.

"It's going to be be wet snow, it's going to be heavy, we probably won't have a lot of ice, but they need to take their time going into work tomorrow,â?? Daly explains.

He also warns drivers to give enough distance between themselves and snow plows, in case the trucks change speed or direction.