'Genesee Co. Women for Obama' hold a kick-off event

Genesee County Women for Obama

As the GOP presidential hopefuls continue to fight for the white house, some local supporters are hoping to give President Barack Obama's campaign a boost.

The Genesee County Women for Obama kicked off their grassroots effort Sunday in Grand Blanc.

About 50 with different cultures and different paths in life came together with one goal for the future.

"There have been a lot of political discourse right now and we think we have a lot to be really excited about what President Obama has done for us," said Carrie Walling, one of the organizers.

They said he is able to continue leading America because, "He has been a strong supporter. . . especially with key priorities for women," added Walling.

Women's healthcare was the main topic Sunday, but it is not the only issue concerning Walling.

"I consider President Obama to be a very strong defender for women's human rights," said Walling.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer also attended the event.

Walling told NBC25 that the women at the event will go back to their neighborhoods and host their own event. Hopefully that will help raise more votes to get Mr.. Obama re-elected.