Genesee County Animal Shelter no-kill policy removed by Board of Commissioners

Dozens turned out for the Genesee County commissioners meeting today, asking the board not to lift the county's no-kill ruling.

Supporters speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting offered alternatives that would allow the temporary ruling to stay in place.

The no-kill policy stops euthanasia in animal shelters and was being tested since the beginning of July.

Commissioners say that after the shelter began the no-kill policy, numbers began to rise drastically.

The vote today by the board removes the no-kill policy, with commissioners blaming overcrowding in the shelter as a primary reason.

"We're gonna have to deal with it" says Richard Angelo, "We've been disappointed before, we've been disappointed within the last month".

Angelo went on to say "We need the commissioners to see and appreciate that and implement the policies and procedures that will make that happen".

Despite removing the ban, commissioners say that with this vote additional steps have been added that must be taken before any animals face euthanasia.