Genesee County commissioners mull emergency weather plan

Genesee county leaders are trying to come up with a plan to make sure they're prepared for the next big winter emergency.

Record snowfall this month bringing Genesee County to a standstill.

â??I wasn't very happy,â?? says Janice Morrow, a Flint neighbor.

Neither is county commissioner Brenda Clack.

â??This was a critical time for us and we must address this issue,â?? says Clack.

â??They're doing the best they can. You got to give them a lot of credit for that,â?? says Chris Wood.

But Clack says more can be done. That's why she's spearheading an emergency preparedness meeting.

â??We want to layout an overall picture of what happened to individuals so that we can be prepared and have a broad plan for later,â?? says Clack.

Some Flint neighbors snowed in for days, not sure how to get medical services or critical care.

â??Very few people know that 211 is the link to services. We've got to make that known,â?? says Clack.

The county commission also debating when it's appropriate to declare a snow emergency

â??We are not financially in any situation to close the county and pay people to stay home. We are not there,â?? says Jamie Curtis, chair of the county commission.

While commissioners debate their snow emergency plan, in the meantime, they're making sure neighbors are connected to critical services during the next winter blast.

â??We didn't have that and we need that in Genesee County,â?? says Clack.