Genesee County digs out from record snowfall

17 inches of snow--pretty to look at but not pretty to drive in.

â??Cas everywhere, like this car, stranded,â?? says Flint native Tony Johnson. â??Everywhere, stuck in ditches, everything,â?? he adds.

Also not pretty to simply walk in.

â??I have to walk in a foot of snow down North Street, it's ridiculous,â?? says Charmaine McNeil of Flint.

Itâ??s down right nasty out there, forcing the doors of Flint city hall to close to the public.

â??Paying water bills, getting permits, those public functions are closed today,â?? says Jason Lorenz, public information officer for the city of Flint.

City plow trucks made main roads their mission Monday but the attack on side streets is taking a little bit longer.

â??We anticipate about 48 hours before the entire city is plowed residentially,â?? adds Lorenz.

Across the street at the county commission, Jamie Curtis says the snowfall doesnâ??t qualify for a state of emergency.

â??To me, state of emergency means closing the roads so people stay home and stay safe otherwise you might as well be open,â?? says Curtis, chairman of the county commission.

â??This his qualifies,â?? says William Kelley. â??It is an emergency. â??Iâ??m surprised anybody got out, once I came out the door. I could hardly walk in this stuff,â?? adds the Flint native who stayed warm inside The City Diner on Saginaw Street.

But for those who did get out, they're speaking from experience...

â??If you ain't going to work, you shouldn't be out here,â?? says Johnson.

Flint City Hall will remain closed on Tuesday.